General Investigator is the police officer that handles criminal cases in a wide variety of police operational units. This investigator handles increasingly more technological related issues regarding the cases that he is required to solve and needs good cybercrime and digital forensics awareness Skills.

  • Overview of Cyber Crime
  • Search & Seizure of Digital Evidence
  • Triaging and Live Forensic
  • Handling Phishing Cases with Case Studies
  • Investigating Social Media Based Crime 
  • Investigating Internet based Cases
  • Investigating Banking & Financial Frauds
  • Investigating Cases of DoS Attack, Hacking Cases
  • Collecting Investigation related information from Open Sources
  • Documentation for drafting FIR, Seizure Memo, Chain of Custody Forms, 65B Certificates, Preparing forwarding note to charge sheet
  • CDR, IPRD Analysis
  • Mobile Device Data Acquisition
  • Cyber Laws & Rules and Presentation of Electronic Evidence before the Court

Estimated Effort: 40

Incidence Response

Forensic Log Analysis

Estimated Effort: 50