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How to login in CyTrain Portal?

Open URL https://cytrain.ncrb.gov.in/ and then click Login Buttion On top right side and then Enter username & password which was given by the User at the time of registraiton Then click on LOG IN Button

How to create new account in CyTrain Portal?

If you are not a user of CyTrain, you can register yourself by Clicking on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT User have to fill all the mandatory fields and a email address in which the user will receive any notifications, such as password reset notices, message notifications, or forum digests.

Allowed Email domains : gov.in /.nic.gov.in / nic.in / .nic.in / .gov.in / upcyberpolice.in

What are eligibility criteria for the course?

As nominated by the Department as per Department rules

  • State / UT Police
  • CPO / CAPF
  • Forensic Department
  • Judiciary / Prosecution
  • Others

Allowed Email domains : gov.in /.nic.gov.in / nic.in / .nic.in / .gov.in / upcyberpolice.in

How to create new account in CyTrain Portal with Non-government email-ids?

Non-government email-ids will also be permitted in the portal as an interim measure to continue MOOC services, provided the registration requests of individual officers are duly forwarded by CCTNS Nodal Officers of your State/UT to nctcregister@ncrb.nic.in

How to create new account with offline?

If you require any other specific domains, please contact Admin at nctc@ncrb.nic.in

When would user be blocked?

User would be blocked for 30 minutes if they were trying to login with wrong password in CyTrain Portal more than three times.