Questions Answers
How to login in CyTrain Portal?

Open URL https://cytrain.ncrb.gov.in/ and then click Login Buttion On top right side and then Enter username & password which was given by the User at the time of registraiton Then click on LOG IN Button

How to retrieve forgot password?

Please click on the "Forgot password" link located on the login area on the CyTrain home screen. You will be prompted to enter your username or email to search your account on CyTrain. Then click on Continue Button and an email will be sent to the registered email address for resting of your password.

When would user be blocked?

User would be blocked for 30 minutes if the user tries to login with wrong password in CyTrain portal more than three times. After 30 minutes the password will be automatically unblocked.

How to register on CyTrain portal?

You can register yourself by clicking on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT link. User has to fill all the mandatory fields. After filling up the form, a system generated email will be received to the registered email id of the user for verification. On successful verification of email, account will be activated.

How to register offline?

For offline registration please visits offline registration Page.

What are the allowed domains for online registration?

Allowed Email domains are .nic.in / .gov.in / upcyberpolice.in / police.rajasthan.in. If you require any other specific email domain please connect with the CyTrain Admin at nctc@ncrb.gov.in.

How to register with non government email domain?

To register with non government email id. Please click on the offline registration link in home page.

What are the courses available on the CyTrain?

Courses are available on the CyTrain portal are divided among 6 track as follows

  1. Responder Track: for duty Officers and first Responder.
  2. Forensic Track: for Cyber forensic expert.
  3. Investigation Track: for Investigation Officers.
  4. Intelligence Track: for Officers working in Intelligence department.
  5. Management Track: for senior Police Officer
  6. Judiciary / Prosecution Track: for Judiciary and Prosecution Officers

Each of above track contains three courses like basic level, intermediate level and advance level.

what is the enrollment process of the courses?

Registered user on CyTrain portal by default gets enrollment in basic level courses as per the user category. For example, user of “State / UT” police and “CPO / CAPF” gets by default enrollment in the basic courses of Responder Track, Forensic Track, Intelligence Track, and Investigation Track.

Similarly users in Judiciary / prosecution category get by default enrollment of “Judiciary / Prosecution Track”. Police officer in the rank of SP and above gets by default enrollment in the basic course of the Management Track.

What are eligibility criteria for enrolling Intermediate and Advanced courses?

User needs to complete the basic level courses of each Track successfully to become eligible for enrollment in Intermediate course of that track.

Similarly, after successfully completing intermediate level user will be eligible for enrollment in the Advanced level courses.

What is the duration of the courses?

Approximately duration in hours is mention at the starting page of each course however all the courses on CyTrain portal are self placed which means user may under take the courses as per their convenience. But it is advised that the user should complete a course within 6 months after enrolling that course.

How to get certificate?

User needs to appear in an online examination at the end of each course. After passing the examination successfully user will be eligible for downloading course completion certificate of that course.

What are the types of certificate on CyTrain portal?

There are mainly two brought type of certificate issued on CyTrain portal as follows

  1. I4C Specialist Certificate: It is issued after completing all the three courses of a Track, e.g. if a user completes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced course of Investigation Track then the user will received “I4C Specialist: Investigation Track” certificate.
  2. I4C Expert Certificate: Its is issued after completing all the courses of all four Track i.e. Responder Track, Forensic Track, Investigation and Intelligence Track. However after completing each course user will get course completion certificate.

However after completing each course user will get Course Completion Certificate.

What are the benefits of certificate issued through CyTrain portal?

The CyTrain is a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platform of National Cyber Crime Training Center under I4C of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of Government Of India. It is the first of its kind initiative by Government of India for providing online training on cyber crime investigation to law enforcement agencies. Most of the states made it mandatory for under taking courses on CyTrain portal for the newly recruited trainee police officers at their state. The course completion certificate is mandatory for police offices for getting their posting at cyber police station, CID, cyber forensic lab etc.