Judges / Prosecutors handle a wide variety of criminal cases. They should get an awareness of how crime can be facilitated by technology and what digital evidence is and how it can be used in a case. Specialized Cybercrime Judge/Prosecutors are specialized in prosecuting/judging technology enabled crime cases or specifically cybercrime cases. They need specialized cybercrime investigations and digital evidence skills

  • Introduction to cybercrime: definitions, development of computer crime, overview of the most relevant offences and how they are committed
  • Legal challenges and solutions in fighting cybercrime: challenges in applying traditional criminal law instruments, procedural law, jurisdictional issues and international cooperation
  • Cybercrime case studies (real-life scenarios to be discussed in small working groups)
  • Restricting internet access of offenders
  • Confiscation of criminal assets in cyberspace

Estimated Effort: 40

  • About cybercrime
  • Technology
  • Cybercrime as a criminal offence in domestic legislation
  • Electronic evidence
  • Procedural law/investigative measures
  • International co-operation
  • Interaction with the private sector / (Webinar Panel Discussion)

Estimated Effort: 50