Cybercrime / Digital Forensics Head of Unit (SP / DCP): These professionals deal directly with cyber investigators and experts. They should take informed decisions in cybercrime cases or in other compiex investigations involving cybercrime elements. Their role is to coordinate staff, allocate resources and prioritize policing activities. They should have detailed overview of the capacity, capabilities and needs of the unit and provide it with the relevant training and tools that enable or facilitate investigation and examination of the evidence. Another function is to represent the unit when dealing with external stakeholders. They need at least a minimum of hands-on practical experience to evaluate operational and strategic activities and the ability to communicate effectively with their staff and external experts.

  • Explain how important every one’s role is for securing information and digital devices of the self and of the organization
  • Sensitize as to how to protect self and their organization against cyber security threats
  • Describe common cyber threats and recognize such cyber-attacks and react properly to them
  • Teach how to safely use devises that can be abused by cyber attackers-such as your smart phone, PC and USB sticks
  • Cyber security policy and framework in India
  • Threat, vulnerability and exploit
  • Perimeter security
  • Website security
  • Data security
  • Application security
  • System Security

Estimated Effort: 40

  • Evidential Data
  • Acquisition & Evidential Integrity
  • Forensic Processes & Estimated Timelines
  • Training Requirements of Investigators
  • Budgetary Requirements of Investigation Units
  • Latest Directives
  • Interaction with the private sector / (Webinar Panel Discussion

Estimated Effort: 50